Access for students FEB@KULeuven to the Hercules databases as of Monday the 26st of November

maandag, 26 november 2012

All students of FEB@KULeuven can have access to the databases Oriana and Zephyr.
Please make a reservation, access is only possible if you do so. Please use the following links: :
Oriana :

The library staff at the infodesk will help you to access Oriana and Zephyr.
Master students of FEB@KULeuven can also apply for an account on the WRDS-platform without assistance. The databases Compustat, AuditAnalytics, Bankscope, Isis and Osiris are accessible through the WRDS-platform at Students have to select the Register tab and follow the procedure. Approval of the accounts will be checked once a week.
Step 1: Point your web browser to
Step 2: Select the Register tab or link “Register for a WRDS Account.”
Step 3: Complete the Account Request form.
Step 4: Once you submit an Account Request, an email will be sent to your WRDS Representative(s), Patrick Beullens ( and Carl Demeyere (
After receiving approval, an account will be created and you will receive an e-mail message with a special URL and instructions for setting the account password and logging into WRDS.
Step 5: You may log into WRDS.
Step 6: Review the WRDS Terms of Use.
Step 7: You may begin using your new account.

Bachelor students of FEB@KULeuven have a different access to the Hercules-databases on the WRDS – platform ( Class accounts can only be created for bachelor studentswhen requested by faculty members of FEB. . If you need access, please contact with information on the purpose of the use of this databases and the faculty member involved.

All students will further be informed via Toledo, e-mail and at the information desk of the library EBIB.


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